Conduit Mission Summit 2016

CM Summit with dates

We have exciting news from here at Basecamp Conduit Mission! As some of you may have heard by now we are launching our first annual Conduit Mission Summit. We’d like to personally invite you to consider attending. Here’s why:

 When we first thought of the idea to host a conference we knew we wanted to achieve two things. We wanted to inspire and motivate folks who are curious about Missions, while at the same time minister to and further educate those of us who have traveled on a grand Expedition already.

 We also didn’t want to waste a good chance to get together so we set out to deliberately design a formal “calling in of the troops” -something special- a homecoming… a tribal gathering… a Summit. We applaud and recognize that for many of you, the journey does not end once you return to your respective towns and cities here in America. You have kept up with your fellow teammates, (or fully meant to) through social media, emails, and phone calls. So what better way to reunite, share stories, gain new insight, and allow the atmosphere to challenge both yourselves and newcomers to see what lies ahead!

 It’s a shot at momentum, based solely in scripture and what makes Conduit Mission work-




It’s as close to what we can see the church in Acts 2 looked like. And we want to explore it with YOU.

 Throughout Labor Day Weekend, we will explore the depths of what God is doing throughout the globe, through various ministries and ministers, and what we can do to further be a part. We are especially excited Dr. Jerry Rankin will be our keynote speaker, along with several other invited guests. We will also officially roll out the 2017 Conduit Mission Expedition Calendar. It will be a fun packed weekend of reflecting on where God has taken us- TOGETHER, and understanding where He’s leading us- TOGETHER. Come join us! We hope to see you there!

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