Be a Conduit

At Conduit Mission, we are daily finding new strategies to keep faithful to our founding ideal- being a Conduit. For us it means living by the simple adage “What comes in, goes out.”


A conduit delivers substance from one point to another- and if its working properly, nothing gets stuck in the conduit itself.

IMG_7811The Financial Conduit

When you give to Conduit Mission, you can be assured that your gift does not get clogged up along the pipeline, or lost in a sea of other expenses and overhead. Your tax-deductible donation will go straight to the project you are donating towards…whether it be a home for a family in Guatemala, or a meal for a child in Haiti. You can give with confidence that your resources are truly being sent all the way through the conduit and straight to the objective where you feel led to lend a hand. By these standards, there really is no resource gifted too small. Every single dollar truly does count!


photoThe Tangible Goods Conduit

From time to time, and on most expeditions, Conduits have the opportunity to donate tangible goods to those in need. These opportunities often come in the form of food, clothing, or musical instruments in which you, the Conduit, can exponentially bless someone by even the smallest of acts. Maybe its as simple as donating a jar of peanut butter to be added into luggage bound for a Haiti Expedition? (Peanut butter is like gold in Haiti!) Maybe it starts with you going through your closet and donating some clothing- particularly children’s clothing- and sending even an entire piece of luggage to an orphanage in Nepal? Or maybe its as big as donating precious music instruments that up and coming musicians can learn on to fill a shipping container bound for the deep jungles of the Philippines. Whether you are donating hammers for someone else to use or computers for someone else to conduct business on, the same standard applies. What comes in, goes out. There really is no resource gifted to small. And every single gift truly does count!


IMG_4866The People Conduit

We all recognize the human nature we are born with. Like it or not, we are at some level naturally going to default to a “Somebody else will…” mentality. Conduit Mission is striving to no longer go to the default. By seeking new and innovative ways to be Conduits ourselves, we are pushing back on it. What does life look like when we finally step up, step in, or step over and change our mindset to “Today is the day I do something about it”? We are doing something. You can too. If you have been waiting for an invitation- Here it is. If you have been waiting for permission- Here it is. If you have been looking for an avenue- Here it is.

Conduit Mission


We are going. 


You can too.