Conduit Mission

We are going. 

You can too.


Here at Basecamp Conduit Mission we are constantly working on new expeditions- Expeditions that funnel resources to the hurting, hopeless and hungry of the world.

On the upcoming calendar for 2018, we are currently accepting inquiries for expeditions to Haiti, Nepal, Uganda, and Guatemala. It is also possible we may add Expeditions returning to Morocco and the Philippines. If you are interested in a team traveling during dates we do not have listed, please contact us directly. Occasionally we do add dates based on demand, so keep checking back with us for new listings.

2018 Expeditions

31 January-04February -Haiti

28April-05 May -Haiti (Medical)

09-17 June- Guatemala

09July-19July Uganda

07-19October – Nepal

03-10 November- Haiti


Some travel dates may be subject to change. If you’d like to join us, register below and we will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in joining us on a Conduit Mission Expedition! If you are keen sending through the Conduit and would like to give a tax deductible gift towards an expedition project, let us know here.

For more information on upcoming Expeditions, please contact david@conduitmission.org


To register for all upcoming expeditions, Please click HERE