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“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.”


Harry S Truman

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We can build a turn key solutions based mission program for your church.



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Harry S Truman’s sentiment has helped us hone what has become a turn key solution for many churches, groups and gatherings who feel the call to do something extraordinary with their lives, but simply don’t know where to start. It’s exactly what being a CONDUIT means.

We specialize in providing meaningful experiences for individuals as well as churches from all around the country. We relate to the desire to want to do something impactful, but sometimes just not knowing where, when, or how to start. We simplify the process for anyone to join a current team as an individual, as a group of friends and co-workers, or even as an entire church as a whole, sometimes even designing their own trips.

We do all the ‘heavy lifting’ of planning, organizing, and overseeing we essentially provide a white label to you as a church or organization that lets you get the credit for the details, work, and experience as a whole.
Many churches use our organization as their entire missions program, while some simply come alongside. Sometimes our role is to simply help get your own program started, while others simply continuing serving alongside us, shoulder to shoulder. Either way, We work hard to stay out of the light, leaving the focus on what your congregation accomplished and your own signature branding. We are just the CONDUIT.

Our staff of experienced world travelers handle all of the details from registration, accounting, purchasing airline tickets, and every detail on the ground once we arrive. We effectively serve nearly every interest in missions work somewhere in the globe.

We also meticulously maintain the international relationships required to work closely with those who operate in what we refer to as the ‘front lines’ of missions work, everyday. We view these trusted and time honored relationships as the backbone of what we do- they are what help us recruit, keeps us going, and allows us to keep an open hand in our approach to bringing others to serve alongside one another.

Here are some of our success stories from this model:
  • Church of the City East, Nashville, TN
  • Word of Life, Carlsbad, NM
  • Future Vision Ministries, Sand Springs, OK
  • Center Church, State College, PA
  • Temple Church, Nashville, TN
  • Living Faith Fellowship, Superior, NE
  • Your Place Church, Pryor, OK
  • Branchville United Methodist, Branchville, IN
  • Cornerstone Community Church, Frisco, TX
  • Southcoast Church, Mobile, AL
  • Fellowship of Boise, Boise, ID

See what churches are saying

Turn Key Solution

“Conduit has given us a simple turn key solution for our people to participate in the great commission. They provided the infrastructure for our church to safely and successfully build out a mission program for South Coast Church. They set us up to win at home and in Haiti”

John Breland – Lead Pastor, South Coast Church, Mobile, AL

Shot Term Trips a Success

“Conduit has provided a simple platform for the Your Place Church missions team and has assisted greatly in making our short term trips a success. We’ve had several of our church family serve during the trips and have seen the positive impact it has in our people. We are forever thankful Conduit has given us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus across the globe and we look forward to many more trips in the future!”

Darian Rains – Lead Pastor, Your Place Church, Pryor, OK

Outside our normal reach

“We have a small staff, and Conduit provided us with the leadership to reach into communities outside of our normal reach.” 

Pastor Timmy Gibson- Mercy Church, Kansas City, KS

Backbone of our mission expression

“Conduit Mission has been the backbone of our mission expression. We have sent multiple teams over the years and it’s given our church a sense of community that only comes from mission.” 

Chris Wright, Fellowship of Boise, Boise, ID