Why You Should Go

with Conduit Mission

10 reasons you should go on a mission trip with Conduit Mission

1. It will awaken and embolden your heart to God’s global purpose.


Going on a short-term trip serves to widen our perspective and instill us with the passions and purposes of Jesus in the world.
2. Your trip will make a lasting impact.


Some of the fees you pay on your trip go towards covering the long term expenses of the ministry in the country. You are helping to pay salaries of staff, cover costs of things like school uniforms and meals for locals.
3. We have long term commitments to our in country partners.


We are not a hit and run organization. We have long time relationships with our specific locals in each country. Those who join us year after year know that you are investing in very specific people in a long term relationship.
4. You are NOT taking jobs from the local population.


Our conduit mission service projects do not take away from locals who would otherwise get paid to do these jobs. We work alongside of locals who are being compensated for their work. They love having friends to help them get their work done.
5. You will get a chance to make a real difference.


We don’t do poverty tourism. You’ll be in the trenches working to provide solutions that started before you arrived and will last after you leave. And, will be continuing when you return.
6. It is not a waste of money.


There is an idea that the money spent on a short term mission trip could be “better used” to fund programs. This presumes that it’s an either / or. Not only are a portion of your fees used to fund the local projects, but the long term benefit of you having a heart for these local projects far out weighs the costs. Those who say it’s a waste are usually not going and not sending money.
7. It will contribute significantly to your spiritual growth.


A short-term trip takes us out of our daily habits and comforts and stretches us in ways we cannot anticipate, thus deepening our dependence upon God and our experience of His grace. No true Christian will ever go to a foreign field and remain spiritually unchanged or unchallenged.
8. You get to see God’s miraculous provision first hand.


Where God guides, He provides. The mission trip starts the moment you start working on the finances to go. You will have multiple opportunities to be surprised by God’s provision.
9. You will either be called to vocation mission work or you will develop a fervor to send more missionaries.


God commonly uses short-term mission trips to call persons into full-time mission service, to confirm callings He has already put in place, or to develop in us a passion for sending more workers to the field. I have even seen entire congregations driven to prayer and shaped into fertile seed-beds for future missionaries. We could want nothing better for our children or our church!
10. The joy it brings you:


You will not return home the same person. There’s a fulfillment that can only be described as great joy. Luke 10:17 “They returned with Great Joy” because of what they had seen We have seen it over and over again. Jesus promised that when you give love, it will be given back to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

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