Hurricane Matthew is predicted to make landfall at 2am on October 4.  Conduit Mission is keeping up to date on conditions on the ground.  We are preemptively gathering resources that can be immediately available to distribute after the storm passes.

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Hurricane Matthew Predicted to make landfall by 2am

Hurricane Matthew Predicted to make landfall by 2am

The 2017 Expedition calendar has been released! We are looking forward to many of your returns and hope to see some of you involved in new adventures and new countries. Where is your heart leading you in 2017?


2017 Expeditions

07-14 January -Haiti

04-12March – Morocco

29March-12April – Philippines

29April-06 May -Haiti

10-17 June- Guatemala

24June-08July- Uganda

15-25July – Philippines

07-19October – Nepal

04-11 November- Haiti

CM Summit with dates

We have exciting news from here at Basecamp Conduit Mission! As some of you may have heard by now we are launching our first annual Conduit Mission Summit. We’d like to personally invite you to consider attending. Here’s why:

 When we first thought of the idea to host a conference we knew we wanted to achieve two things. We wanted to inspire and motivate folks who are curious about Missions, while at the same time minister to and further educate those of us who have traveled on a grand Expedition already.

 We also didn’t want to waste a good chance to get together so we set out to deliberately design a formal “calling in of the troops” -something special- a homecoming… a tribal gathering… a Summit. We applaud and recognize that for many of you, the journey does not end once you return to your respective towns and cities here in America. You have kept up with your fellow teammates, (or fully meant to) through social media, emails, and phone calls. So what better way to reunite, share stories, gain new insight, and allow the atmosphere to challenge both yourselves and newcomers to see what lies ahead!

 It’s a shot at momentum, based solely in scripture and what makes Conduit Mission work-




It’s as close to what we can see the church in Acts 2 looked like. And we want to explore it with YOU.

 Throughout Labor Day Weekend, we will explore the depths of what God is doing throughout the globe, through various ministries and ministers, and what we can do to further be a part. We are especially excited Dr. Jerry Rankin will be our keynote speaker, along with several other invited guests. We will also officially roll out the 2017 Conduit Mission Expedition Calendar. It will be a fun packed weekend of reflecting on where God has taken us- TOGETHER, and understanding where He’s leading us- TOGETHER. Come join us! We hope to see you there!

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Register HERE

Registration required. For further questions and incredibly awesome answers, please contact david@conduitmission.org

Ukrainian Refugee Relief -UPDATE-





On the night of October 1, a landslide on the outskirts of Guatemala City buried the village of Santa Catarina Pinula, leaving dozens dead, hundreds missing & still more homeless. Rescue teams have been working around the clock to rescue survivors and recover the dead.  Conduit Mission is partnering with a local church, Calvary Antigua and Conduit missionaries, Rob and Amanda Juillard, to provide relief for those impacted by the landslide.  Money raised will go straight to fund relief supplies for those left homeless and emergency equipment for the relief workers.

A team from Conduit Mission arrived on October 3, ready to serve.  Although the team’s initial plans did not include disaster relief, the team is there and ready to serve and distribute funds and clothing donations where they are needed most.  Conduit is working with the local church and missionaries to ensure all funds donated go directly to relief efforts.

Today the team purchased basic necessities and worked a drop-off site to sort donations coming in for the displaced.  Guatemalans are helping Guatemalans…and Conduit is blessed to work alongside our brothers and sisters as they reach out to their hurting community.

We started a fundraising campaign to raise money for purchases while the team is in Guatemala.  Your donation will help with necessities for those left homeless, and for supplies for the emergency workers: https://conduitmission.reachapp.co/campaigns/guatemala-landslide-emergency-relief


Fellow Conduits-

Things are moving very swiftly here at Basecamp Conduit Mission. Your unbelievable response to our call to action yesterday has had everyone racing to facilitate the outpouring of grace and mercy. Well done. (more…)

Dear fellow Conduits-

On Saturday, an earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude, hit the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Thousands of years worth of buildings, homes, and roads were destroyed. The earthquake triggered landslides and avalanches on the mountainsides surrounding Kathmandu. The death toll is currently at 3,600 and rising.

Conduit Mission has been in communication with our long standing relationships there in Kathmandu, Guardian Village. The children and staff are safe and the children’s home, community center, and school sustained little to no damage. However, people are now pouring in from the surrounding mountains and villages, seeking medical care, shelter, and food…and Guardian Village is rising to the occasion.The Guardian Village staff have jumped in to care for the injured and displaced. They are caring for the needs of those camped in their courtyard and those that have yet to receive medical care. With no electricity, water, and fuel to run the generators, local hospitals have closed their gates and will accept no more patients.Many hospitals that were not destroyed during the initial earthquake have sustained irreparable damage with aftershocks measuring up to 6.9 magnitude. Patients have now been moved to the parking lots, and with only one functioning operating room left in the entirety of the country at the moment, people are dying while awaiting life-saving surgery. Relief supplies are in transit, but roads are still impassable. Monsoon season is on its way. The death toll will continue to rise until outside resources and aid are able to intervene.People are in need of shelter, clean water, food, and medical attention. As always, Conduit Mission will serve as a literal conduit to get goods and resources into the hands of people that need it the most. Guardian Village is currently assessing the situation and communicating with us the most critical needs. Many have inquired how to help – and right now, the most critical need is finances. If you feel led, please follow the link and donate with confidence that 100% of all donations will be sent directly to these trusted relationships there in Nepal. As the situation progresses, we will continue to monitor the needs and how Conduit Mission can best partner with meeting them. We will keep everyone informed as we move forward.Regardless of your contribution, we are asking everyone to sincerely pray for the peace and safety of the region, and that God will continue to make his name known to these beautiful people through this painful time of healing and restoration. We serve a mighty God and we look forward to stories of healing, redemption and powerful testimony that come from hard times like these. And, as is often the case, people are turning to the local church for help… that makes us partners… affiliates…Conduits.

On behalf of the staff here at Conduit Mission, and on behalf of the beautiful people of Nepal, Thank you for your consideration.

Darren Tyler
David Christopher
Conduit Mission


Greetings Fellow Conduits!

Well if you have been by Conduit Church in the last 24 hours you have noticed the recent arrival of a very special semi trailer.
If you have seen the news at all in the last few months, you know that Russia has been persistently invading the Ukraine, and initiating war tactics and brute force to overthrow the local government. On this, the eve of a supposed new cease fire agreement that goes into effect tonight, we are launching a massive donation drive to collect goods for those displaced by the fighting. To date, over 5,000 have died and many thousands more have fled the violence to find peace and safety further inland Ukraine. Conduit Mission is partnering with other local organizations and churches in the Nashville region to be the drop off point for goods to be shipped directly to the local church in Ukraine for distribution to these refugees. The trailer will remain at Conduit until it is filled and ready to be shipped.
Would you consider partnering with all of us as well and helping us get word out about this donation drive?
On behalf of the beautiful people of the Ukraine, Thank you!

Ukrainian Refugee Relief Donations

Thank you for joining us in donating to the refugees fleeing the war zones in Ukraine. As most of you have seen on the daily news coverage, those who have fled for their lives have little to nothing to survive with, let alone call their own. The media is full of stories and pictures of war torn people showing up at hospitals naked, barely clothed and in great danger to the winter elements. We are very excited to be partnering with many others in the body of Christ in supplying goods and resources available to these refugees through the local church in Ukraine… literally a Conduit around the globe.

To help you consider what exactly to find and donate, please remember most Ukrainians do not own their own vehicles. Therefore, fleeing means literally grabbing what you can carry to begin your journey and new life. This has left many, if not most, without the following basic resources:

 Clothes (Men, Women, Children…all sizes)

Basic toiletries

Personal Hygiene products


Sleeping Bags



Financial gifts to help cover costs of shipping



Things that sound brilliant but are NOT needed at this stage:

NO Household items

NO Furniture

NO Toys

NO Food

NO Electronics


We are absolutely considering continued efforts and what the logistics of that would look like whereby we would be able to focus on food, household items, toys, and things of that nature- but please stay tuned for those announcements. Due to the complication of customs and declarations, we must limit our donations to the basic necessities and clothing only for this round of relief. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


The situation in  Iraq and Syria is dire.  ISIS militants continue to drive non-muslims from their homes and communities, leaving behind a trail of death, destruction and oppression.

Conduit Mission is partnering with an incredible ministry that has “boots on the ground” in the very frontline of the persecution of Christians in Iraq. Please help support the sending of food, water, and basic life sustaining needs of those driven from their homes and communities. The stories are real. The faces have names. But we can help, in very real, very practical ways by supporting those who are there and providing relief to those hurting and in need.

Winter is coming.  The humanitarian crisis that has unfolded will get worse if something is not done.  The refugees need shelter from the freezing cold.  They need food, medication, and clothing.  Conduit Mission is gathering the funds needed to provide this for victims from Mosul Iraq who are now living in refugee camps.

Every gift to Conduit Mission is 100% tax deductible, and as always, 100% of what you give go straight through the conduit to the need.

Please consider giving HERE to support our partners in this very real and very encouraging ministry. Simply select “Iraq Refugee Support” in the drop down menu.