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What is Conduit Mission?


Conduit Mission is a non-profit organization that provides churches, individuals and organizations an opportunity to participate in global short term mission trips.

Give to our Uganda Classroom Sponsorship Program

A classroom sponsorship means you can change the lives of 20-30 children at a time.  Our schools are an outgrowth of the local church and provided as a free service to the community.  These are areas where the children have little access to education and if there is a school, they likely can’t afford it.  This sponsorship covers the cost of the teacher as well as the supplies that are needed to help these kids flourish.



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One of the best experiences of my life

“Going to Guatemala with my daughter Kensi was one of the best experiences of my life. David Christopher does an amazing job leading a group, and the opportunities to serve were life-changing. We still talk a year later almost daily about our experience, and the impact on my daughter’s perspective of the world will last a lifetime!”

Jamie Brandenberg, Nolensville, TN

My experience with Conduit has ignited a fire in me

“As powerful as the experience in Jacmel, Haiti was, the real evidence of God’s work has been on display since my return stateside. The team we worked with in Haiti taught me so much about ministry. They truly displayed what it means to serve others My experience with Conduit has ignited a fire in me to radically change how I serve in my local community. Conduit’s Global Missions are truly impacting communities right here in the states as well as all across the world.”

Greg Rosamond, Pryor Creek, Oklahoma

Seeing the impact first hand

“As a follower of Christ I want to make sure that the money I am donating is going to help those it is intended for. Conduit has provided multiple opportunities for me to make a difference through generosity, and given me the added blessing of seeing the impact first hand.”

Chris Markgraf, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Life changing power of the Gospel

“I have travelled to many countries with many organizations to do mission work. Conduit provided the unique experience of both helping people who needed it most, while also presenting the life changing power of the Gospel. It’s not just social justice, it’s Jesus and HIS justice.”

Terry Scott, Sand Springs, OK

10 Reasons You Should Go On A Short Term Mission Trip!

Did you know?


Over 500 travelers have joined us on mission trips around the world.  That’s over 25,000,000 miles flown in the name of the Gospel!


of everyone who registers is successful in actually going.  This includes stepping out in faith for finances!


of those who join a short term mission trip return on yet another trip with Conduit Mission.